We have more than
20 years
of experience in the real estate industry.

A home is much more than just square feet.

Homes and Housing was established in 2013 on the basis of more than 10 years of experience from the real estate industry.

The experience is i.a. obtained for 8.5 years as rental manager in Copenhagen at one of Denmark's largest real estate companies.

Our many years in the industry have not only given us a fantastic network, but also an invaluable knowledge of what requirements are set when working with other people's homes.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, there are many considerations to be taken into account.

We love dialogue with people e.g. when working to find a good home for them.

A home is a base where you have to feel comfortable and safe.

However, you should also feel safe leasing your property to others.

That is why it is an incredibly important task to find the right tenant for your home.

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